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Latimmier FW/23 “Interlude” for S2

( Art – Fashion )
Sara Urbanski / Claudia Cifu
Knit top by Latimmier, Jewelry by Ildar Wafin
Knit top and leather trousers by Latimmer, Jewelry by Ildar Wafin
Coat, top and trousers by Latimmier, Shoes by Eytys, Necklace by Ildar Wafin
Coat and top by Latimmier, Pinky ring by Ildar Wafin, Other rings by Keskipomppu
Removable collar and top by Latimmier
[01.-02. images], knit top and trousers by Latimmier, Brooch by Keskipomppu, Leather gloves by Sauso [03. image] knit top and leather trousers by Latimmier, boots by Eytys, Necklace by Ildar Wafin, rings by Keskipomppu
KNIT TOP AND LEATHER TROUSERS BY LATIMMIER, BOOTS BY EYTYS, Necklace and pinky ring BY ILDAR WAFIN, other ring by keskipomppu
Blazer by Latimmier, top stylist's own, Jewelry by Keskipomppu
Suit by Latimmier, Baseball cap by Acne, Shoes by Eytys, Jewelry by Keskipomppu, Leather gloves by Sauso
Suit by Latimmier, top stylist's own, Jewelry by Keskipomppu
Blazer by Latimmier, Jewelry by Keskipomppu
Shirt & skirt by Latimmier, diy leather boots, Pearl necklace by Aida Impact, Rings by Keskipomppu
pearl necklace by aida impact

Life of its own

Visual artist Sasha Huber reflects about her Drawn to Music series which inspired Ervin for his latest Latimmier collection.

Drawn to Music came to me because I was inspired by music and the sense of freedom and joy that comes to me while listening. Music that moved me to express it visually with single lines. One clear line for each song l love. A line I would not have control about and just letting it guide me to go to places I didn’t know. That is exactly what happened and beyond which is the magic of creating. You never know where it leads and once you release what you’ve created it lives a life of its own. You loose control, but in a good way. Little did I know that Ervin will be drawn and inspired to my drawings and colors. So much that he wanted to bring them to life within their skilfully crafted garments. To take them again to new places and most importantly to people who embody joy to move around in a world we don’t have control about leaving behind traces that connect and weave experiences together to be remembered. Thank you Ervin!


Photography / SARA URBANSKI
Photo Assistant / TATU ROUVINEN
Assistant Stylist / MARIE- GRACE IRAKUNDA
Model / TIROO (As You Are Agency)

Drawn to Music, Black Narcissus by Joe Henderson, 2021